Here's your custom test plan:

Your Grip test

1. Get your Grip kit in the post. ​

2. Follow the instructions (you'll have to prick on day 3 of your period!), and send your sample back to the lab. 

3. We will test your ovulation and risk of PCOS, your ovarian reserve, if you'll enter menopause early, your thyroid, and your risk of having blocked tubes, by testing AMH, LH, total testosterone, TSH, and Chlamydia antibodies. 

4. Receive your report within 10 days of sending your sample to the lab. 

5. Discuss your results and takeaway actions in a video consultation with doctors. 

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Debbie, 34


"I know my results don't mean that I will or won't get pregnant, but it's great to see that as far as we know everything looks fine."


Tessel ten Zweege

VICE Netherlands

"It feels pretty special to have this information about my body. At the GP I'd have to try to get pregnant for 12 months first." 


Mounia, 28


"I was nervous about testing, but I really wanted more clarity on my fertility. I'm proudly mixed race and wonder if that has any impact."

What you get for €159

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