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Get a Grip on
your hormones

We believe it should be easier to plan if and when you’re going to have kids.

First step: do a fertility test and understand your hormonal health.

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Lize, 35. Filmmaker from Amsterdam

”I’m not stupid - I know I shouldn’t wait another 10 years. Or rather, I don’t really know. That’s why I did a Grip test.

It’s reassuring to see that at least for this

35-year-old who’s not ready, everything as far as we can tell looks good. I know that doesn’t mean I can afford to wait, but it’s useful information about my body.’

What do you get out of the test?

egg count

If you have a lower amount of eggs than average for your age, then you might want to adjust your timeline. We’ll also tell you if you’re at risk of an early menopause.