How Grip works?

Take a fertility test from the comfort of your home

Know your body

Answer a few questions, we’ll customize your test based on your birth control and medical history.

Takes 3 minutes

Order your kit

Meanwhile, you can join our private chat group and meet other women, ask questions to our doctors and our team.

Delivered in 2-3 working days

Prick your finger

Follow the instructions in the kit, collect about 7 to 10 drops (0.5mL) of blood.

Prick on the 3rd day of your period (only if you are not on birth control)

Send your test to the lab

Our lab, the same ones fertility clinics use, analyzes your blood sample. Our lab is ISO15189 certified, the highest possible medical certification in Europe.

Use the prepaid envelope, you will get a confirmation when your sample has been received.

Your personal report

In your report, you will see an indication of your egg count and your risk of early menopause in addition to your risk for PCOS, blocked tubes, and thyroid issues.

You will receive your report within 7-10 days. We will notify you when we’ve emailed you the results.

Your doctor consultation

Most hormonal imbalances or risks associated with fertility can be managed Our doctors will make a (free) plan with you, and you can ask all your questions in our closed chat.

Schedule an online free consultation with our doctor at your own time.

Get to know your body


What we can tell you

  • If you have a normal amount of eggs for your age

  • If you are at risk of going into menopause early

  • If you are at risk of blocked tubes

  • If you are at risk of PCOS

  • If your thyroid is working well

  • If you're a good candidate for egg freezing or IVF

What we can't tell you

  • If you are fertile

  • Your chance of having a baby

  • How long it will take you to get pregnant

  • If your eggs are high quality

How does the pricking work?

Increase blood circulation with warm water.

wash hands.png

Clean the top part of your ring finger with alcohol.

Mask Group-2.png

Put the needle against your finger and press firmly.

Mask Group-4.png

Massage your finger, collect blood in the tube.

Mask Group.png

Fill the tube with about 7 to 10 drops of blood.

Mask Group-1.png

Push the cap back on, and done!

Mask Group-3.png

* more elaborate instructions are available in the kit


Get a Grip on your fertility