Step 06

Collecting blood

Wipe away the first drop with the dressing swab. 
It isn't suitable for collection or analysis. 

Stand up - always keep your elbow below your shoulder, with your fingers as the lowest point. 

Put your finger right on top of the tube, and let the blood drop in the micro-container.

Use your other hand to massage your finger and stimulate blood flow - think of it as 'milking' your finger.

Be patient - circulation is different for everyone and has nothing to do with health. 


If you are having trouble:

  • If you don’t get clear drops anymore, wipe your finger, wait for 5 to 10 seconds until you see a new drop. You can also put your hand back in warm water for a bit - just make sure you dry off after.

  • Most people need to prick at least twice to fill the container. You can use another finger for the second prick, use a new lancet, and warm up the hand again.

  • If you feel dizzy or feel like fainting - stop pricking and shoot us a message.

Used two pricks 
and not half way?  WhatsApp us at 
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We will walk you through the process.