Debbie's Grip experience

Debbie is a 34 year old primary school teacher from Enschede, Netherlands.
Debbie was on birth control pills when she took the test in February, 2020.

Why did you decided to take the Grip fertility test?

I’ve known I wanted kids for as long as I can remember. Ideally I’d have those kids with my personal Prince Charming, but unfortunately I’ve yet to meet him. I’m not getting any younger, and I’ve been very seriously discussing with my family if I should maybe stop waiting for a man and start looking into having a baby by myself. My sisters seem to be very fertile, and so I imagined I should be too, but I didn’t have any hard data.

What was your experience taking the Grip fertility test?

I told myself I wasn’t scared of blood, and that I wasn’t nervous. That turned out to be a total lie - I was shaking when I opened my kit. Luckily my sister was there to help me ‘milk’ my finger, and after an hour I finally managed to get enough blood in the tube. Definitely not in my top 10 favorite experiences, but worth it for the outcome.

My results came very fast, after 48 hours. I was extremely happy when I found out that everything looked normal, even more happy than I expected. It was a relief to find out!

Was it worth it?

The Grip test has calmed my worries, and given me a better idea of whether I am okay to wait a bit longer, or if I should start trying to get pregnant as soon as possible

Anything else you like to share?

I couldn’t test my ovulation because I’m on hormonal birth control, and so I’ve decided to go off birth control for a bit, and retest once I’ve had two menstrual cycles.

I know my results don’t mean that I will or won’t get pregnant, but it’s great to see that as far as we know everything looks fine. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to try to have a baby on my own, but at least I feel more in control of that decision.

I’m really not the type to publicly talk about this, but I hope my story can help other women make better decisions about their future. Here goes!

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Grip tests are intended exclusively for wellness monitoring. The tests are not to be used for diagnosis or to replace a consultation with a doctor. 

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