Here's your custom test plan:

Your Grip kit

1. Get your Grip kit in the post. ​

2. Follow the instructions, and send your sample back to the lab. 

3. We will test your ovarian reserve, if you'll enter menopause early, and your risk of having blocked tubes, by testing AMH and Chlamydia antibodies. 

4. Receive your report within 10 days of sending your sample to the lab. 

5. Discuss your results and takeaway actions in a video consultation with our doctors. 


Sue-Jeen, 27

"I had no idea if everything will 'work' when I'm ready to get pregnant ." 


Leonie, 28

"My Grip results have given me a framework to think about my fertility whilst I still have all options."


Anne, 21 

Krimpen a/d IJssel

"My Grip report didn't give me the most fun results, but it did give me concrete next steps that have finally allowed me to take control of my hormonal health."

What you get for €129

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