Family planning at work

Allow your employees to make proactive, informed decisions based on their reproductive health 


Care about employees

Show support in- and outside of the office to employees’ physical, financial and emotional well-being.
32% of employees state that fertility benefits offered by the company will make them stay longer

Diversity and inclusion

Empower  your employees to plan their career and private life more accurately

Companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion are 120% more likely to hit financial goals and generate 1.4 times more revenue


Recruiting tool 

To attract the best talent, family-friendly benefits are key
Around 60% of women would opt for a job at a company that offers fertility benefits over a company that doesn't

For career focused women, planning when/whether to have kids has the most impact in their career and private life

27% of university-educated women end up not having children, and 60% regret this. We believe these shocking numbers are the result of not being able to plan private life in combination with a career. Easy access to individual data about their body could help healthy women who are not ready for children to make informed life decisions. At Grip, we provide the exact same test as the GP does, only without having to try to get pregnant for a year.  The best part, you can take the test at home.  

Want to work with us?

Do you want to help your employees with more accurate planning of career and family choices? Great!  We've worked with employers and created company-specific Grip offers. We're also always happy to have one of our doctors do a Q&A session with your employees. Tell us what your needs are, and we'd love to create a plan with you.


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