Got a GP you want to praise?

Great! We'd love to hear what makes your GP so special. We'll send them flowers and you'll get a 20% Grip discount. 

We know not all GPs are made equal. Actually, 65% of Grip customers feel awkward or judged when asking their GP female health-related questions. So, we want to celebrate (and thank) the GPs who are supportive, non-judgemental and empowering. 


What's the purpose of GP Love List? We want to work together with GPs to raise awareness (and standards) in the areas of reproductive and hormonal health. We won’t spam the GPs. We will send them a thank you note and, to the most mentioned ones, flowers to celebrate their sublime service.


So go on, and tell us all about what makes your GP so special. We can't wait to hear more :)

Time for some compliments

* We will not share your personal details, nor your GP's, publicly.