Ling, AM, Noor               


"It should be easier to plan when to have kids"

Grip was started by Noor (30, medical doctor), Ling (32, product manager), and Anne Marie (31, investor).


We believe it should be possible for you to make choices based on information about *your* body, rather than national averages. Google just isn’t good enough. 


Anne Marie isn’t sure she wants kids, but she’s worried she’s going to wait too long and miss out.


Ling does want kids, but she ideally wants to build Grip first (and has to convince her boyfriend that now is the time).


Noor is currently pregnant (yay), but getting pregnant was harder than expected, and even as a doctor there was no support or information. 


We built Grip because we wanted to understand our bodies better. Now you can, too.


Dr. Noor Teulings

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Dr. Noor Teulings received her Medicine Doctoral from Utrecht University and her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge (2020). Her research focuses on the adaptation of the cardiovascular system to pregnancy and how this might differ between women with a healthy weight and women who are obese. She has been awarded grants from the Dutch and British Heart Foundation for her research.


Dr. Teulings has a strong interest in Women’s health. She completed her medical residency at UMC Utrecht hospital, focusing on OBGYN and fetal physiology.

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Anne Marie Droste

Co-founder, CEO

Anne Marie is a co-founder and CEO at Grip. She was the third employee and later a partner at venture capital fund Entrepreneur First, where she helped build over 200 startups, now worth over $2 billion dollars. She ran expansion and opened EF offices in Singapore, Berlin, Hong Kong, Paris, and Bangalore.


She finished three degrees: a master's degree at the University of Cambridge, and two undergrads at Utrecht University. She once wrote a thesis about the thermodynamics in windmills and ran a travel agency to North Korea.


She was unreasonably nervous when she got her test results. 


Ling Lin

Co-founder, CPO

Ling is a co-founder and CPO at Grip. Prior to co-founding Grip, Ling was the Head of Asia Product at TransferWise. She has spent her time across North America, Asia, and Europe.She was the Chief of staff for OnePlus and Head of Risk Product of Groupon China, launching and expanding their markets globally. Ling also spent time at Amazon, improving its merchant platform.


Ling holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Master of Science/Bachelor of Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Ling is going to freeze her eggs, and feels pretty good about that.